Finishes: Wood Finishes

Choose from our selection of finishes in our Standard, Maple wood species. 

Walnut and Red Oak are available as special order on most of our pieces - surcharge may apply.

Each piece of wood will absorb stain differently.  Colour Variation in all of our finishes is normal and expected but will be more prominent in our "light" and "clear" finishes.

Custom Finishes are also available: specify Benjamin Moore Paint, or provide us with a wood sample - surcharge will apply.

Maple: Black Paint
Maple: Brown Cherry
Maple: Clear Coat
Maple: Custom Wood Stain
Maple: Dark Chestnut
Maple: Dark Ebony
Maple: Dark Espresso
Maple: Light Chestnut
Maple: Light Ebony
Maple: Light Espresso
Maple: Medium Chestnut
Maple: Medium Ebony
Maple: Medium Espresso
Maple: White Paint
Maple: White Wash
Red Oak: Black Paint
Red Oak: Brown Cherry
Red Oak: Clear Coat
Red Oak: Dark Chestnut
Red Oak: Dark Ebony
Red Oak: Dark Espresso
Red Oak: Light Chestnut
Red Oak: Light Ebony
Red Oak: Light Espresso
Red Oak: Medium Chestnut
Red Oak: Medium Ebony
Red Oak: Medium Espresso
Red Oak: White Paint
Red Oak: White Wash
Walnut: Black Paint
Walnut: Brown Cherry
Walnut: Clear Coat
Walnut: Dark Chestnut
Walnut: Dark Ebony
Walnut: Dark Espresso
Walnut: Light Chestnut
Walnut: Light Ebony
Walnut: Light Espresso
Walnut: Medium Chestnut
Walnut: Medium Ebony
Walnut: Medium Espresso
Walnut: White Paint
Walnut: White Wash